Cut Your Ink

Have you ever wanted to add another dimension to your printed piece? While most printing projects conclude with paper cut into conventional shapes such as rectangles or squares, die-cutting can be used to cut your ink into interesting or functional shapes.

Die-cutting is the process of using a custom made metal die to cut paper into a shape not achievable with a conventional paper cutter. Dies can be used create a shape that is punched out of a sheet of paper – such as a hole in a door hanger, or to create the main shape of an object by cutting the entire sheet of paper – such as a presentation folder.

A die-cut can also be used to add a decorative element or a functional component to a design. While die-cutting is most often used for utilitarian purposes the technique can also be used to cut decorative shapes out of your printing project, adding a 3D aspect to a printed piece such as a greeting card, direct mail piece or magazine cover.

Decorative die-cuts are also used for creating round cornered or uniquely shaped business cards, display windows for content inside a folded card, or enhancing specialty print such as wedding invitations.

We recently produced the ‘Real Treat’ package shown in the photo below for our client. The hexagonal package was first printed on a flat sheet, then die-cut and scored before assembly. The result is a sturdy and appealing package, ready to be filled with our client’s delicious product.

The size and complexity of the shape can affect the pricing and functionality of a die-cut. Also the type of paper you are planning to cut needs to be considered before printing as some substrates work better for die-cutting than others.

To see samples of some of the unique die-cut projects we have produced or learn more about how to Cut Your Ink with Custom Die-cutting, contact your CBN Commercial Solutions Account Manager.