Glorify your Ink with Embossing, Foils and Effects

find out how to glorify your ink using different effects

If you think ink is just a way to get an image on paper – think again! At CBN Commercial Solutions we can combine our advanced UV printing capability with foiling, laminating and embossing to Glorify Your Ink in ways that might surprise you.

Interestingly, while printing with Ultraviolet inks and finishes is a recent technological development, the application of foils and embosses goes back to the earliest days of printing – using letterpress technology to physically stamp each sheet of paper. Foil is applied using a die custom made to reproduce your design element when stamped. And while most people associate foils with a reflective, metallic appearance they actually come in a wide variety of colours and finishes including opaque white, clear, spot colour and holographic effect foils.

Embossing is used to emphasize any design element or image on your printed piece. The image can be raised from the paper (embossed) or pressed into the sheet (debossed) and can be combined with inks and foils, or simply appear as a blind emboss with no ink. Again, a custom made die is produced from the designer’s artwork for any area to be embossed. A standard emboss reproduces a shape by stamping it evenly into the sheet of paper, while a sculpted emboss can be used to create an emboss effect with varying heights and depths.

While Lamination is a technique used to coat a sheet of paper with a glossy, water and tear resistant film it can also be used to bond sheets of paper together to create multi-layered and double thick business cards and covers. The papers can be varying thicknesses and colours, creating a unique look for your print project.

All of these techniques work together in the CBN Commercial Solutions business cards pictured [above/below]. The card front features offset printing with two PMS inks on 100lb. Options Smooth Cover with a tightly registered emboss used to raise the CBN Commercial Solutions logo from the sheet. The backside features white and metallic red foils on 80lb. Classic Crest Pewter Cover with no offset printing. A sheet of 100lb. Classic Crest Red Pepper cardstock is laminated between the front and backsides.

The result is a stunning, triple-thick business card which adds another dimension and tactile experience to create a printed piece beyond the ordinary.

If you would like to see and feel your own sample of this unique item, contact your CBN Commercial Solutions Account Manager and they’d be happy to give you their business card.