Personalize Your Ink with Variable Printing

Use vdp to target your audience

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing that enables the customization of each individual sheet in a press run. Elements such as text, images or graphics can change from one sheet to the next without interrupting the printing process. The variable data can be populated through the use of a simple spreadsheet or database.

The most common marketing application for VDP is Direct Mail printing where the name, address and contents of a letter can be personalized to your prospect – greatly improving your opportunity to get their attention. Today, the average consumer wades through hundreds of marketing messages per day. Personalized and targeted print communications are a proven method for cutting through the noise and improving response rates from your prospects.

Getting started with direct mail marketing with variable data printing doesn't have to be daunting. Canada Post has some excellent programmes and online resources to inspire your next marketing campaign. And your CBN Commercial Solutions account manager can take these ideas and make them happen. To learn more about direct mail applications of VDP, visit Canada Post.

While VDP is also a great technology for transactional printing such as invoicing and statements, when combined with marketing messages specifically targeting your prospect can be an effective way to grow sales to existing customers. Also, when combined with offset print and UV effects, VDP can be used produce secure event tickets that are difficult to counterfeit such as the award winning magazine and season ticket package we produced for the University of Southern California Trojans football team.

The covers were produced on the HP7600 with variable information on the outside to personalize for the recipient of the season ticket package. Inside pages were produced conventionally using UV inks and colour-matched to the digital components of the job as well as the enclosed tickets. The finished piece contained the season ticket holder’s assigned tickets in a ticket sleeve held in a pocket in the cover of the magazine personalized for that subscriber.